dinosaur bone

Epigenetically effected energy-dependent fluorescence (2)

We are just trying to understand your hypothesis. Peter Berean has wasted more of my time that nearly anyone else I have encountered, and he still claims my model is a hypothesis. On October 14, 2016 I asked: How can you or anyone else tell the difference between a secular humanist and an old earth creationist? For example, I can compare both sects to young earth creationists who have linked everything known about nutritional epigenetics to healthy longevity and everything…

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Epigenetics and autophagy vs mutations and evolution (7)

RNA interference (RNAi) fails to protect all cell types from virus-driven energy theft. The effect on some cell types cannot be controlled. That’s because nutrient energy-dependent endogenosymbiosis and the pheromones-controlled physiology of reproduction protect the organized genomes of species from microbes to humans. Billions of waster dollars have been spent with no end to the waste in sight — until the Trump administration stops it. As that begins to happen, see: tRNA-mediated codon-biased translation in mycobacterial hypoxic persistence (open access)…

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