epigenetic silencing

Enzyme-constrained interethnic biodiversity (4)

No, they don’t. See: Why Is This Bacterium Hiding in Human Tumors? Whether Fusobacterium nucleatum causes colon tumors is unknown. But a new study hints that it may be “an integral part of the cancer.” Serious scientists have linked bacteriophages to all virus-driven pathology. Cancer is a virus-driven pathology. That’s the truth! In  the New York Times article by Gina Kolata she wrote: “The whole idea of bacteria in tumors is fascinating and unexpected,” said Dr. Bert Vogelstein, a colon…

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“First” evidence

First evidence of how parents’ lives could change children’s DNA 17:00 04 June 2015 by Helen Thomson Excerpts: Surani’s team analysed methylation patterns in a type of fetal cell that later forms a fetus’s own sperm or eggs. We would expect these cells to have been wiped clean when the fetus’s epigenome was reset at the early embryo stage. “However, about 2 to 5 per cent of methylation across the genome escaped this reprogramming,” says Surani. Marcus Pembrey, emeritus professor…

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