essential amino acids

Draining the academic swamp of parasites

National Academies Revise Conflict of Interest Policy The proposed changes follow revelations in recent years that committee members preparing reports for the Academies did not disclose industry relationships. By Ashley P. Taylor | May 3, 2017 Excerpt: They are also thinking about including not only current activities and relationships, as they do now, but past ones when determining whether or not a committee member has a COI. See for comparison: Ian Hodder: Çatalhöyük, Religion & Templeton’s 25% My comment: Past…

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RNA-mediated regulatory mechanisms link microbes to humans (2)

See also: RNA-mediated regulatory mechanisms link microbes to humans Millet: The missing link in prehistoric humans’ transition from hunter-gatherer to farmer Excerpt: We have been able to follow millet moving in deep history, from where it originated in China and spread across Europe and India,” said Professor Martin Jones from the University of Cambridge’s Department of Archaeology and Anthropology, who is presenting the research findings today at the Shanghai Archaeological Forum. My comment: The deep history of the missing link…

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