evolutionary event

A relatively young branch of science called epigenetics

Epigenetics: genes, environment and the generation game New research claims that environmental factors affect not just an individual’s genes but those of their offspring too. Diabetes, obesity – even certain phobias – may all be influenced by the behaviour of our forebears by Angela Saini, The Observer, Saturday 6 September 2014 Excerpt 1): “…she was kept on a near-starvation diet when she was close to giving birth.” Excerpt 2: with my emphasis): This puzzling study, published last month, echoes many…

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Alternative splicings (very technical)

From time to time I try to update my knowledge base on specific aspects included in my model. Here is the link to an open access article that may be of interest to others who want to learn more about biologically based cause and effect. This is not the type of information that you are likely to see in news reported by science journalists. Intragenic DNA methylation modulates alternative splicing by recruiting MeCP2 to promote exon recognition Excerpt 1) DNA…

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