Evolutionary Rewiring

How did the innate immune system evolve?

Sexually Antagonistic Male Signals Manipulate Germline and Soma of C. elegans Hermaphrodites Abstract excerpt: Why would a system exist that reduces the vigor of potential mates prior to mating? Addressing this question could provide insights into mechanisms and evolution of sexual conflict and reveal sensory inputs that regulate aging. Highlights excerpt: An unknown signal accelerates larval development, specifically the onset of puberty Reported as: Male chemistry primes females for reproduction—but at a cost “There is a fine balance between reproduction and…

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RNA methylation, RNA-directed DNA methylation, learning and memory

sink testing Lab medicine The illegal practice of providing false test results on clinical specimens–eg, vials of blood, urine specimens, that were deliberately discarded–ie, down the sink, without actually testing them Pylori Story #1: Acid Attack Pylori Story #2: Journey to the Center of the Stomach The “Modern Synthesis” is analogous to sink testing in the medical laboratory. See for example: Replace the Modern Synthesis (Neo-Darwinism): An Interview With Denis Noble Excerpt: [W]hat Haldane, Fisher, Sewell Wright, Hardy, Weinberg et…

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