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UV light, H2O, and epigenetic effects… (2)

UV light, H2O, and epigenetic effects… (1) 9/25/20 During the 9/26/20 “Benghazi and Twin Towers Memorial Ride and Veterans Event” at Band of Brothers Veterans Park in Murphy, North Carolina,  DW (Del) Wilber ( guest speaker and “Counterterrorism Analyst”) reminded me that in 2006, Greg Bear’s Quantico was near future, hard counterterrorism science fiction. Historical perspective:Greg Bear is the author of more than thirty books, spanning thrillers, science fiction, and fantasy, including Blood Music, Eon, The Forge of God, Darwin’s…

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Diet-driven RNA interference and mental health (3)

Discover’s “My Science Shop” now advertises the games that led to development of the cell biology game: “Cystosis,” which is a neo-Darwinian evolutionary theory-killer. Cytosis links the creation of anti-entropic viruidal light to all biodiversity on Earth via the physiology of reproduction and biophysically constrained viral latency. See the dumbed-down version of that fact: Missing Mutations Suggest a Reason for Sex Summary: A good model with a good model organism predicts. The mouse-to-human model of biophysically constrained viral latency predicts…

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Respiration-dependent endogenous RNA interference

If you are a theorist, please take a deep breath before beginning to read this. The speed of light on contact with water has been linked from the level of oxygen on Earth to all biodiversity via the physiology of pheromone-controlled reproduction and the transgenerational epigenetic inheritance of all morphological and behavioral phenotypes in all living genera. @jvkohl 15h15 hours ago  It’s “game over” for all theorists. There’s a new game in town. https://www.kicktraq.com/projects/geniusgames/cytosis-a-cell-biology-board-game/ … It’s an evolutionary theory killer. @jvkohl…

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