Evolutionary Theory

Infections and age change the odor of wine and people

Summary: Food energy is a direct link from electron spin via changes, which link the sense of smell in bacteria from changes in angstroms to ecosystems in all living genera. Fruity with a note of fungus: How fungal infections change the aroma of wine …while bunch rot actually led to more positive aroma ratings due to the increased levels of fruity- and vanilla-like notes, powdery mildew decreased the level of pleasant notes in the wine, so that it received more negative…

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Trump’s appeal to common sense

Darwin Applied to Trump: Can Evolutionary Theory Help Us Understand the Appeal of Donald Trump? The 2016 election tightened the grip that conservatives have on US politics and this could pose a severe threat to the funding of scholarship in the social sciences and humanities in the country. Darwin’s energy-dependent “conditions of life” linked what organisms eat to their pheromone-controlled physiology of reproduction. That fact links survival of our species to the survival of all other species on Earth. Many…

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Hypothesis free pseudoscience vs facts (3)

Nobel-Winning DNA Research Challenges Evolutionary Theory In 2015, three scientists won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for decades of research into DNA—research that reinforces the idea that evolution is mythology and makes the modern evolutionary theory of abiogenesis seem more and more indefensible. It turns out that DNA is inherently unstable, and the preservation of genetic information requires a complex symbiotic relationship between the cell and DNA that is so interdependent that neither could have arisen independently of the other.…

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