Tasting light links energy from creation to adaptation (2)

Tasting light links energy from creation to adaptation 12/6/16 Energy as information becomes a signal via its effect on hydrogen-atom transfer in DNA base pairs in solution. The information links the anti-entropic virucidal energy of sunlight to all biophysically constrained cell type differentiation in all living genera via the innate immune system, which links the physiology of reproduction to supercoiled DNA. An inquiry from Best DNA Testing Kits for Ancestry prompted me to update my claims. See their claim: Evolution…

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Targeting a cancer gene

‘Undruggable’ mutation meets its match: Six-year effort yields first drug to target important cancer gene See also: Drug discovery: Pocket of opportunity[subscription required] Excerpt: “.,.the non-mutated protein is the beating heart of cell signalling, but mutated versions are the villainous masterminds of malignancies.” and see K-Ras(G12C) inhibitors allosterically control GTP affinity and effector interactions [subscription required] Excerpt: “…initial evaluation of our compounds in lung cancer cell lines suggests allele-specific impairment of K-Ras function.” My comment: 1) They ignored any aspect…

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