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Metabolic Phenotyping Research

Global Consortium to Conduct Metabolic Phenotyping Research Consortium members in six countries will use chromatography, mass spectrometry, and other technologies to conduct metabolic phenotyping research that examines the dynamic interactions between genes, environments, microbiomes, diets, and lifestyles, and their collective impact on disease. My Predictions. 1. They will link energy as information to healthy longevity. 2. They will report their findings as if they discovered new molecular mechanisms. 3. The mechanisms will link the anti-entropic virucidal energy of ultraviolet light…

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From 3-D to epigenetically-effected 4-D genome make-up

Discoveries in 3-D Genome Make-Up and Genetic Changes: Clarification of differences amidst chromosome pairs and how gene expression is effected by chromosome folding Excerpt: “…offers a useful guide for future studies of the epigenome’s function in our evolution and diseases that beset us.” My comment: The guide is also useful because it shows how the anti-entropic effects of light-induced amino acid substitutions links the epigenetic landscape to the physical landscape of DNA in species from microbes to man. For example,…

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