fragrance and color

microRNA-mediated election cycles (8)

See first: microRNA-mediated election cycles (7) The virus-driven decrease in free energy has been linked from altered maturation of miRNAs to all pathology across kingdoms. Naturally occurring light-activated carbon fixation links miRNA biogenesis and maturation to biophysically constrained viral latency via the patent for protonated RNA interference, which is titled: RNA-Guided Human Genome Engineering The role played by feedback loops that link food odors and pheromones to reproduction has been linked to Friendship and natural selection 7/22/14 Natural selection focuses…

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microRNA-mediated replication cycles (10)

See first: microRNA-mediated replication cycles (9) Conclusion from Guenther Witzany What is Life? 3/18/20 …new nucleotide sequences now appear to have originated from social agents such as viruses, their parasitic relatives, and related RNA networks, not from errors. A new definition of life must integrate the current empirical knowledge about interactions between cells, viruses, and RNA networks to provide a better explanatory power than the twentieth century narrative. The twentieth century narrative led to curated news reports that favored stupid…

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