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The physics of existence (4)

On 8/23/22, I was asked to play and sing “Why Me Lord?” at a local community center. I got choked up, but finished the song. The reason I got choked up was because I had just learned that publication of Panoramic view of microRNAs in regulating cancer stem cells 8/23/22 confirmed every claim I’ve ever The physics of existence (4)

Codon optimality vs systemic fraud (8)

Summary: The energy from food has been linked to protection from all virus-driven pathology since the origin of life ~6000 years ago. Liberal Trump-haters do not want you to know that. See first:  Codon optimality vs systemic fraud (7) Accelerated SARS-CoV-2 intrahost evolution leading to distinct genotypes during chronic infection 7/2/22 Funding Statement This work Codon optimality vs systemic fraud (8)

Epistemic corruption (4)

Link opens the CDC’s page on: Cyanobacteria, also called blue-green algae, are microscopic organisms found naturally in all types of water. These single-celled organisms live in fresh, brackish (combined salt and fresh water), and marine water. These organisms use sunlight to make their own food. Acting NIH Director Admits Appearance Of Conflict Of Interest In Epistemic corruption (4)

Photonics in Forensics (9)

Suppression and Activation of Intracellular Immune Response in Initial Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 Infection 11/26/21 …when intracellular immunity is suppressed, SARS-CoV-2 shows a correlation with dysregulation of metal ion homeostasis. Herein, the inhibitory activity of copper ions against SARS-CoV-2 was further validated in in vitro experiments. Ions are atoms that have a positive Photonics in Forensics (9)

Photonics in Forensics (8)

Light-activated carbon fixation, the resurrection of life in pear trees, and the resurrection of life in daffodils exemplifies how God’s pH-dependent peptide synthesis at the origin of life ~6000 years ago links microRNA-mediated  protein folding chemistry to protection of all organized genomes from the virus-driven degradation of messenger RNA (mRNA). For instance, see: Integrative global Photonics in Forensics (8)

Photonics in Forensics (5)

Forensics: a laboratory or department responsible for tests used in detection of crime, especially the crimes committed by corrupt politicians. Crosstalk between codon optimality and cis-regulatory elements dictates mRNA stability 1/5/21 However, the strength of this mechanism during embryogenesis, as well as its relationship with other known regulatory elements, such as microRNA, remains unclear. God’s Photonics in Forensics (5)

Photonics in Forensics (4)

See first: Photonics in Forensics (3) MicroRNA 3′-compensatory pairing occurs through two binding modes, with affinity shaped by nucleotide identity and position 2/22/22 ….the two 3′-binding modes both appear to be compatible with either of the two gene-regulatory  processes that involve 3′ pairing—TDMD (target-directed miRNA degradation (TDMD) and miRNA-mediated repression. All metabolic disease processes are Photonics in Forensics (4)

microRNA-mediated biodiversity (6)

Tell me if you know a paleontologist or any other stupid theorist who is willing to discuss facts that link “Lessons from microRNA biology: Top key cellular drivers of Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease  to “… better understanding [of] the key processes resulting in pathophysiological changes that underlie disease.” Most theorists, especially paleontologists, seem willing microRNA-mediated biodiversity (6)

RNAi 2002 to AI 2021 (5)

In case you are a moronic public health fascist, liberal, atheist, or Communist who missed it, start your new year with facts about how to prevent or to effectively treat all virus-driven diseases. See: Footprints of a Singular 22-Nucleotide RNA Ring at the Origin of Life 4/25/20, Visualizing a protonated RNA state that modulates microRNA-21 RNAi 2002 to AI 2021 (5)

RNAi 2002 to AI 2021 (2)

For more facts that link RNAi to young earth creationism and AI to pseudoscientific nonsense, see: DNA from dirt can offer new view of ancient life 7/12/21 The new study adds to a handful of others to show the power of DNA from ancient soils. No experimental evidence of biophysically constrained energy-dependent top-down creation of RNAi 2002 to AI 2021 (2)