Selective reporting of inferences: examples of pseudoscience

In the narrative of this presentation on RNA mediated molecular epigenetics and virus driven entropy, I mentioned that Cori Bargmann is scheduled to deliver a lecture entitled “Genes, neurons, circuits and behavior: an integrated approach in a compact brain.” An integrated approach will help others understand what is currently known about how ecological variation leads to ecological adaptation. Works, like hers, with the nematode model organism will help others understand how ecological adaptation leads to biodiversity in the morphological phenotypes…

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RNA-mediated DNA modifications

A new way to discover DNA modifications Excerpt: Using their approach, which combines bioanalytical chemistry, comparative genomics, and a special type of DNA sequencing, the team has discovered a DNA modification that helps bacteria to protect their genomes from viral infection. My comment: There is one way to link nutrient-dependent microRNA flanking sequences from adhesion proteins to supercoiled DNA, which protects the organized genomes of all living genera from virus-driven entropy. It starts with energy-dependent changes in hydrogen-atom transfer in…

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RNA-mediated genetic engineering (Part 2)

WATCH: Bill Nye the Science Guy predicts end of creationism is nigh Excerpt: “Best known as Bill Nye the Science Guy, the 58-year-old educator, TV personality and author lamented the lingering myth that the universe is a product of divine creation.” My comment: Evolutionary theorists have not described a biologically-based evolutionary event that links one species to the evolution of another. The myth of evolution was exposed via the fact that Richard Lenski’s bacteria and Michael Desai’s yeasts did not…

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