Genes, orchid odors, and pheromones from blonds

1) The Genetics of Blond Hair (2014) and 2) Orchids give off human ‘body odor’ to attract mosquitoes (2016) Both articles link RNA-mediated cell type differentiation in all invertebrates and all vertebrates to every aspect of cell type differentiation in plants. …studies of genetic variation in thousands of people have linked at least eight DNA regions to blondness based on the fact that a certain DNA letter, or base, was found in people with that hair color but not in…

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Neo-Darwinian logic is nonsense

Let’s discover how we humans created the concept of God for our own survival throughout evolution Months of irrelevant banter with no intelligent response to details that I provided with links to what is currently known about biophysically constrained protein folding led to this exchange: WEENY: “…all changes to gene sequences are currently called mutations.” JVK: What need is there for anyone to call them “mutations” except when linking them from virus-driven genomic entropy to pathology? Why not simply tell…

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Ecological variation and niche construction: 1, 2, 3

Part 1 From its most basic expression in grazing and predatory nematodes with differences in morphological and behavioral phenotypes, neurogenic niche construction is nutrient-dependent and pheromone-controlled. One of these two worms has teeth. It also recognizes self vs other differences and eats other worms. “The patterns of synaptic connections perfectly mirror the fundamental differences in the feeding behaviours of P. pacificus and C. elegans”, Ralf Sommer concludes. Evolutionary theorists concluded and continue to claim that “…without mutation, evolution would not…

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