Proof: Sunlight is energy as information

Hypothesis: Kallmann’s syndrome is proof that virus-driven energy theft causes all pathology in species from archaea to humans via the degradation of messenger RNA and the loss of one allele.   Thought experiment: Step 1) The loss of one allele and the transgenerational epigenetic inheritance of Zika virus-damaged DNA can be compared to the degradation of messenger RNA in bacteria that is manifested in archaea and L-forms. Step 2) The degradation of messenger RNA in primates differentiates healthy longevity from…

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Supercoiled DNA constrains virus-driven genomic entropy

1) Genes linked with malaria’s virulence shared by apes, humans and 2) Supercoiled DNA is far more dynamic than the ‘Watson-Crick’ double helix were reported today. One report (1) links viruses to the evolution of biodiversity in chimpanzees and humans compared to gorillas. The other report (2) links nutrient energy-dependent base pair changes to RNA-mediated amino acid substitutions and DNA repair. Both reports are linked to open access publications: See 1)  Ape parasite origins of human malaria virulence genes Excerpt:…

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Genomic surveillance ends our world of RNA-mediated ecological adaptations

Why is this woman smiling? 1) Identifying Recent Adaptations in Large-Scale Genomic Data Senior author: Sabeti with co-author Rinn Excerpt: “As natural selection can only act on mutations that drive phenotypic variation…”. 2) Genomic surveillance elucidates Ebola virus origin and transmission during the 2014 outbreak  Senior author: Sabeti. Excerpt: “Because many of the mutations alter protein sequences and other biologically meaningful targets, they should be monitored for impact on diagnostics, vaccines, and therapies critical to outbreak response.” 3) RNA and…

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  • Randomness and Divine Providence
    A Q&A on randomness and God’s providence …the main goal is to really put together a collection of scholarly studies of these issues: physicists, biologists, […]
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