Greg Bear

Pheromones protect us from viruses (7)

It’s been more than one year since Guenther Witzany published What is Life? 3/18/20 “A new definition of life must integrate the current empirical knowledge about interactions between cells, viruses, and RNA networks to provide a better explanatory power than the twentieth century narrative.” The need for the new definition of life is consistent with my claims from “What is life when it is not protected from virus-driven entropy.” It’s been 5 years since this virtual conference presentation on 3/30/16. The…

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God’s protection from SARS COV-2 and other viruses (3)

The coronavirus may sometimes slip its genetic material into human chromosomes—but what does that mean? 12/16/20 …the paper clearly states the integration the authors think happens could not lead to the production of infectious SARS-CoV-2. That claim suggests that science fiction author, Greg Bear correctly linked nutrient-dependent pheromone-regulated ecological adaptations across kingdoms to the integration of SARS-CoV-2 and other viruses in organized human genomes via chromosomal rearrangements and sympatric speciation. See: Genotype (2021) In 1910 Thomas Hunt Morgan discovered some…

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Expert 13 (1)

12 Experts Questioning the Coronavirus Panic 3/19/20 President Donald J. Trump is expert 13 in the context of the fact that differential expression of cell types requires biophysically constrained viral latency. That fact became perfectly clear with the experimental evidence presented in  SARS-CoV-2 RNA reverse-transcribed and integrated into the human genome 12/13/20 The researchers: …investigated the possibility that SARS-CoV-2 RNAs can be reverse-transcribed and integrated into the human genome, and that transcription of the integrated sequences might account for PCR-positive…

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Protonated RNA interference vs stupid theories (9)

Operation of a TCA cycle subnetwork in the mammalian nucleus 11/23/20 ignores the fact that God’s Creation of hydrogen and H2O is required to support the biophysically constrained epigenetic effects of sunlight and humidity on organized genomes. For instance, on 4/23/20, President Donald J. Trump linked the effects of sunlight and humidity to the weakening of coronavirus pathology and the end of the COVID19 nonsense via what is known to all intelligent serious scientists about protonated RNA interference and the…

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From optoribogenetics to HelioRiboGenetics (3)

See first: From optoribogenetics to HelioRiboGenetics (2) and From optoribogenetics to HelioRiboGenetics (1) “Opto” means light. “Helio” links God’s Creation of UV light to RNA-mediated protection from viruses across kingdoms via hydrogen-atom transfer in DNA base pairs in solution. Circulating microRNAs associated with liver fibrosis in chronic hepatitis C patients Chronic hepatitis C (CHC) evolves in 20% of cases to liver cirrhosis after progressive stages of fibrosis (Center for Diseases Control and Prevention – CDC, 2019). The most serious complication…

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Part 2: Light-controlled cell biology (revisited)

Greg Bear took the lead with this approach in his novel Quantico (2006). A genetically engineered virus was used to erase the memory of a specifically targeted human population to reduce inter-ethnic conflict. [Greg Bear] …served as a consultant for NASA, the U.S. Army, the State Department, the International Food Protection Association, and Homeland Security on matters ranging from privatizing space to food safety, the frontiers of microbiology and genetics, and biological security. Greg Bear is a likely candidate for…

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Light-controlled cell biology (revisited)

See Sci-Bay Scholar for citations and downloads of more than 3300 published works that link viruses to microRNAs Summary: …either the organized genomes of all cell types use the energy source, or viruses use the biophysically constrained energy of the cell types. No extant species can be used as an example of how the virus-driven theft of quantized energy can be linked from natural selection to the evolution of a new species. See also, with my emphasis: Light Offers New…

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An evolutionary theory killer

Polymaths and paradigm shifts: from Asimov to Bear (1)

Summary: In the context of what is known about how top-down causation must be linked to all biodiversity on Earth, the anti-entropic virucidal energy of sunlight links differences in the energy of two photons from the proton motive force to the creation of microRNAs. The link from the proton motive force to the creation of microRNAs is endogenous RNA interference (RNAi). Endogenous RNAi is manifested as energy-dependent differences in biophysically constrained viral latency. Biophysically constrained viral latency has been linked…

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Lethal virus kills 5 billion people?

Reporting new scientific truths is not allowed in the USA

Summary: If we keep training serious scientists in the United States but force them to return to their homeland to report new scientific truths, our Homeland Security will suffer from the ignorance of pseudoscientists who are still touting ridiculous claims about mutations and evolution. A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it. Every…

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For God and Country

Energy-dependent structure and function: Until death (5)

Summary: If a player starts with evolution instead of the creation of energy that links ATP to the creation of RNA, the player is a loser. Nobody wants to belong to the party of losers. One of the best strategies in such a case is evidently an interpretation of the change as a gradual accumulation of knowledge while their work has always been at the cutting edge. — Kalevi Kull Secular: Ancient Viruses Are Buried in Your DNA (2017) by…

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