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The tipping point (revisited): 84,000 publications (2)

The tipping point (revisited): 84,000 publications (1) Attempts to discuss facts with liberals are a waste of time. They cannot believe that gun violence linked to school shootings is caused by the failed transition from adolescence to adulthood, which can be predicted by non-invasive measurement of the COMT Val158Met allele. Dr. Sean Gallagher‏ wrote “Huh” The tipping point (revisited): 84,000 publications (2)

RNA-mediated nutritional psychiatry (2)

Codon identity regulates mRNA stability and translation efficiency during the maternal-to-zygotic transition The amino acid optimality code (Fig 6) provides an alternative perspective on sequence changes between paralogs in evolution and human disease. Neo-Darwinian theorists dispense with Darwin’s food energy-dependent  “conditions of life.” They link mutations and disease to evolution via mathematical models. They exemplify RNA-mediated nutritional psychiatry (2)

RNA-mediated nutritional psychiatry

Summary: Young Genes are Highly Disordered as Predicted by the Preadaptation Hypothesis of De Novo Gene Birth Stop this nonsense about de novo gene birth and you will help to stop the school shootings without more gun control. See my presentation at the 2017 Precision Medicine Virtual Conference (2/15/17) Energy as information and constrained endogenous RNA-mediated nutritional psychiatry