H. pylori

An evolutionary theory killer

Epigenetic inheritance of spatiotemporal regulation (5)

Thanks for the Stress, Dad As embryos, the researchers found that the mouse offspring, which exhibited more anxious behavior than usual, also had lower miRNA levels, as did the sperm of the male offspring upon maturity. The stress-linked degradation of messenger RNA is caused by virus-driven energy theft, which has been linked to all pathology in species from bacteria to humans.  For example: Neutrons identify critical details in bacterial enzyme implicated in gastric cancer Ronning’s team focused on H. pylori’s…

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Hypothesis free pseudoscience vs facts (5)

See first: Hypothesis free pseudoscience vs facts (4) Re: There is literally nothing left of neo-Darwinian pseudoscientific nonsense, and yet pseudoscientists still make the same ridiculous claims. See for comparison:  Current Drug Design Studies for Hsp70 in Oncological Applications SBD [substrate binding domain] contains hydrophobic amino acid residues, and this hydrophobic cavity helps unfolded substrate proteins to fold their native structure. Thus, exposed part of the folded proteins may not interact with each other and cause aggregation [in the context…

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Neo-Darwinian sink testing

sink testing Lab medicine The illegal practice of providing false test results on clinical specimens–eg, vials of blood, urine specimens, that were deliberately discarded–ie, down the sink, without actually testing them Pylori Story #1: Acid Attack Pylori Story #2: Journey to the Center of the Stomach My comment: The “Modern Synthesis” is analogous to sink testing in the medical laboratory. It was invented in the early 1900’s based on de Vries definition of jump-like energy changes, which he called “mutations.”…

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