Magic, Miracle, or Molecular Mechanism?

The Miracles of Smell and Taste: Evolutionists Cannot Account for the Origin of the Sense of Smell Excerpt: Professor of Biology John T. Caprio of Louisiana State University states that initially, the sense of smell developed in order to identify amino acid-like chemical substances soluble in water. The ability to determine molecules floating in the air is an adaptation of that original mechanism.96 (p. 106) How The Nose Knows: Research On Smell Boosted Excerpt: In an interesting side note, Caprio…

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A two-faced protein enables RNA-mediated DNA repair (3)

See: A two-faced protein enables RNA-mediated DNA repair (2) See: A two-faced protein enables RNA-mediated DNA repair My comment: Attempts to place what is currently known about the links from atoms to ecosystems back into the context of neo-Darwinian pseudoscientific nonsense have been doomed to fail ever since Dobzhansky (1973) wrote: Nothing in Biology Makes Any Sense Except in the Light of Evolution. He linked nutrient-dependent amino acid substitutions to cell type differentiation across species and also claimed “…the so-called…

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Theorists: No rational thinking allowed

A User’s Guide to Rational Thinking Excerpt: When geneticists offer contrary ideas about how speciation occurs, they’re debating the nuts and bolts of how evolution works, not arguing over whether it happens. My comment: When serious scientists explain how speciation occurs, they integrate what is known about the biophysically constrained chemistry of nutrient-dependent RNA-mediated protein folding. They include experimental evidence that shows amino acid substitutions link the epigenetic landscape to the physical landscape of DNA in the organized genomes of…

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