Hemoglobin Variants

Ecological adaptation: a new definition of heredity (4)

Experimentally Induced Metamorphosis in Axolotl (Ambystoma mexicanum) Under Constant Diet Restructures Microbiota Accompanied by Reduced Limb Regenerative Capacity (2018) Our results show that distinct bacterial communities inhabit individual organs of Axolotl and undergo substantial restructuring through metamorphosis. The restructuring during metamorphosis is biophysically constrained by feedback loops that link olfaction from food odors and pheromones to the creation of enzymes in bacteria and the secretion of the vertebrate decapeptide hormone GnRH (gonadotropin releasing hormone). See: Gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonist binding in…

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MicroRNAs and the Cassandra syndrome (revisited)

Conclusion: Serious scientists can explain every aspect of energy-dependent biophysically constrained viral latency in the context of details about these pathways and everything that links changes from electrons to ecosystems in all living genera. Why are the serious scientists still challenged by “…the tendency of academia to reject any academic-like work from outside academia?” What aspect of the academic contribution that could lead to the cure for all pathology do biologically uninformed academics want to continue to reject and attack?…

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Evolution outside the context of “the light of evolution”

Summary: The claim that two mutations led to the weekend resurrection of the bacterial flagellum cannot be supported with the claim that only one amino acid substitution differentiates the cell type of two different primate species (gorillas and humans) from two similar species (chimpanzees and humans). The fact that mutations are not amino acid substitutions can be supported in the context of food energy-dependent pheromone-controlled cell type differentiation in species from microbes to humans. Nothing in Biology Makes Any Sense…

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Dobzhansky 1973 and Precision Medicine (2)

See also: Dobzhansky 1973 and precision medicine What Did Neanderthals Leave to Modern Humans? Some Surprises A few years ago, the Swedish geneticist Svante Paabo received an unusual fossilized bone fragment from Siberia. He extracted the DNA, sequenced it and realized it was neither human nor Neanderthal. Savante Paabo co-authored this refutation of neo-Darwinian nonsense in 2003.Natural Selection on the Olfactory Receptor Gene Family in Humans and Chimpanzees It links natural selection for energy-dependent codon optimality from the pheromone-controlled physiology…

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Virus-driven mutation or amino acid substitution

A computer program just ranked the most influential brain scientists of the modern era Excerpt: “My first thought was, ‘Who could I tell without appearing immodest?’” he said. “I then realized the only people who would want to hear about this are my children!” My comment: Oxytocin-related peptides are 9-13 amino acids long, but they can be recognized in genomic sequences. That allows them to be placed into the context of claims that link the nutrient energy-dependent de novo creation…

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Polycombic ecological adaptation as a science, not a theory (2)

Evolutionary Constraints in the β-Globin Cluster: The Signature of Purifying Selection at the δ-Globin (HBD) Locus and Its Role in Developmental Gene Regulation Conclusion: … the results here presented indicate that purifying selection is driving not only HBD evolution but also its neighbor pseudogene, HBBP1. In the light of recent advances in the characterization of the β-globin cluster, we propose that the complex patterns of diversity observed in this genomic region arose from distinct functional constraints related with the intricate…

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Predictable idiosyncratic evolved convergence

Predictable convergence in hemoglobin function has unpredictable molecular underpinnings Excerpt: …predictable changes in biochemical phenotype do not have a predictable molecular basis. My comment: Biochemical phenotypes are predicted at every level of examination that starts with hydrogen-atom energy transfer in DNA base pairs in solution, and at least two of these authors know that. See: Epistasis Among Adaptive Mutations in Deer Mouse Hemoglobin June 14, 2013 Excerpt: Fig. 2 Difference in the network of hydrogen bonds between high- and low-altitude…

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Major transition ends use of silly theories

Major transitions in human evolution This theme issue focuses on key evolutionary transitions to understand the interaction of biology, behaviour, culture and environment. This issue is dedicated to Richard Leakey, whose critical discoveries have provided evidence for many of the key phases, and who has inspired much of the work discussed here. This issue is based on a joint Royal Society and British Academy discussion meeting held in October 2015. This issue is now available to read online. Reported as:…

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