Histone modification

An evolutionary theory killer

Biologically uninformed science idiot: Self-defense (3)

Summary: No ecosystems exist at any level of examination outside the context of the anti-entropic virucidal energy of light-activated endogenous substrates in all cell types of all living genera. The quantized energy-dependent creation of nucleotides links the creation of sunlight to fixation of energy in every organism on Earth.  Fixation of the energy is microRNA-mediated. The energy-dependent creation of microRNAs has been linked to healthy longevity via direct effects on organized genomes. For example, microRNAs typically biophysically constrain viral latency.…

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RNA-mediated theory killers (11) (12) (13) (14) (15)

Historical perspective Scent of a Book Deal (1995) Excerpt: The search for love the second time around can sometimes lead to scientific as well as romantic inspiration. At least, that’s what happened to James Vaughn Kohl, coauthor of the recently published volume The Scent of Eros (New York, Continuum Publishing Co., 1995). In a press release accompanying the book, Kohl-who manages a clinical laboratory for a group of physicians at Partell Medical Center in Las Vegas-writes, “My scientific interest in…

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RNA methylation, RNA-directed DNA methylation, learning and memory

sink testing Lab medicine The illegal practice of providing false test results on clinical specimens–eg, vials of blood, urine specimens, that were deliberately discarded–ie, down the sink, without actually testing them Pylori Story #1: Acid Attack Pylori Story #2: Journey to the Center of the Stomach The “Modern Synthesis” is analogous to sink testing in the medical laboratory. See for example: Replace the Modern Synthesis (Neo-Darwinism): An Interview With Denis Noble Excerpt: [W]hat Haldane, Fisher, Sewell Wright, Hardy, Weinberg et…

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FREE* SAMPLE: Histone modification

FREE* SAMPLE Histone Modification Antibodies   See also — as used in ad copy excerpt for their products: Histone modification antibodies are notorious for binding non-specifically to similar, but off-target histone modifications and/or having their specific binding inhibited by steric hindrance from modifications on neighboring residues. CST addresses these issues by using including a peptide array assay similar to the one described by Fuchs, S.M., et al. (1) to our validation testing. In a single experiment, the peptide arrays assess…

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