immune response

The eternal significance of microRNAs (8)

Use of definitions in attempts to explain any aspect of species-specific biophysically constrained cell type differentiation and aging has been replaced by the use of model systems of biological processes.  Biological processes can be compared to so-called “evolutionary processes” to show that only biological processes need to be considered in the context of Darwin’s “conditions of life” or answers to the the question  What is Life? Schrödinger (1944). K. L. Mettinger et al. (eds.), Exosomes, Stem Cells and MicroRNA, Advances…

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Abiogenesis vs microRNA biogenesis

Summary: The pseudoscientific nonsense about abiogenesis that has been touted by Karo Michaelian and others like him has caused the unnecessary suffering and premature death of millions to billions of people by placing the pathogenic consequences of deregulated miRNAs into the context of ridiculous theories. See for comparison: Structural diversity of supercoiled DNA and the parody from the same research group: ——————————- Abiogenesis (2017) Microscopic dissipative structuring and proliferation at the origin of life (Oct 13, 2017) Some fundamental molecules…

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God’s shrinking role in salvation (2)

Conclusion: There is no such thing as a blind dance of atoms. Quantized energy-dependent changes link angstroms to ecosystems in all living genera via the physiology of reproduction. Serious scientists do not link “high-level cause and purposes” to anything that does not link what organisms eat from food energy to the physiology of reproduction. Only pseudoscientists claim that ideas about “emergence” are “…a remarkable synthesis across fields and levels.” See: God’s shrinking role in salvation These 6 Common Vegetables Are…

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Base pairs, amino acids and phenotypes

Holliday junction trap shows how cells use recombination and a junction-guardian role of RecQ helicase DNA repair by homologous recombination (HR) underpins cell survival and fuels genome instability, cancer, and evolution. Autophagy is the established link from energy-dependent changes in base pairs and RNA-mediated amino acid substitutions to DNA repair in the context of polycombic ecological adaptations that prevent the hecatombic evolution of virus-driven pathology. Inventing new detailed models of DNA repair serves only to confuse those who have already…

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Increased soil pH and nutrient availability

The work found that this disposal and stockpiling of shells, as well as the people’s use of fire, altered the forest through increased soil pH and important nutrients, and also improved soil drainage. The study appears in Nature Communications. It was reported as: People enhanced the environment, not degraded it, over past 13,000 years 1) Fishing of intertidal shellfish intensified in the area over the past 6,000 years, resulting in the accumulation of deep shell middens, in some cases more…

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Biophotonics, glycobiology, quantized biodiversity (2)

From Fertilization to Adult Sexual Behavior (1996) In our section on Molecular epigenetics, we wrote: Small intranuclear proteins also participate in generating alternative splicing techniques of pre-mRNA and, by this mechanism, contribute to sexual differentiation in at least two species, Drosophila melanogaster and Caenorhabditis elegans (Adler and Hajduk, 1994; de Bono, Zarkower, and Hodgkin, 1995; Ge, Zuo, and Manley, 1991; Green, 1991; Parkhurst and Meneely, 1994; Wilkins, 1995; Wolfner, 1988). That similar proteins perform functions in humans suggests the possibility…

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Are viruses microRNAs?

Evolution of Intelligent Viruses and Jumping Genes Conclusion: “…it is intelligent warfare between mobile genetic elements and the epigenetic responses of the cell that, most likely, determines evolution.” My comment: This conclusion appears to place biologically-based cause and effect into the context of viruses and evolved immune system responses. Epigenetically-effected immune system responses can be compared in the context of epigenetic effects on cell type differentiation that link ecological variation to ecological adaptation. This puts cause and effect into their…

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