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Photonics in Forensics (4)

See first: Photonics in Forensics (3) MicroRNA 3′-compensatory pairing occurs through two binding modes, with affinity shaped by nucleotide identity and position 2/22/22 ….the two 3′-binding modes both appear to be compatible with either of the two gene-regulatory  processes that involve 3′ pairing—TDMD (target-directed miRNA degradation (TDMD) and miRNA-mediated repression. All metabolic disease processes are Photonics in Forensics (4)

RNAi 2002 to AI 2021 (1)

Summary: Intelligent serious scientists have linked energy-dependent RNA interference (RNAi) to all biodiversity on Earth. For comparison, biologically uninformed theorists have nothing but mathematical models and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Human pheromones: integrating neuroendocrinology and ethology  (2001) …the affect of pheromones on our emotions is linked to the effect of pheromones on the hormones of the RNAi 2002 to AI 2021 (1)

Biophysically constrained fast adaptation (3)

Excerpt: “One fascinating aspect of innate self-adjusting mechanisms appears to be a programmed “strategy” for adaptation that corresponds in function to programs that human engineers produce. This aspect could be described as immanent selection.” Engineered Adaptability: Fast Adaptation Confirms Design-Based Model A theory of adaptation that requires changes to be undirected, copious, and small in Biophysically constrained fast adaptation (3)

Autophagy automagically prevents cancer (1)

The Future of Chemistry

microRNA + autophagy See items 1-1088 See also: Autophagic cell death restricts chromosomal instability during replicative crisis 1/23/19 …autophagy is an integral component of the tumour suppressive crisis mechanism and that loss of autophagy function is required for the initiation of cancer. Reported as: In surprising reversal, scientists find a cellular process that stops Autophagy automagically prevents cancer (1)