MicroRNA-mediated denuclearization (2)

Summary: The virus-driven theft of quantized energy creates a cellular environment that promotes the survival and self-proliferation of viruses by encoding viral miRNAs or miRNA-like molecules. The viral miRNAs or miRNA-like molecules target different types of host cells. The sun’s anti-entropic virucidal energy biophysically constrains viral latency in the context of global control of human MicroRNA-mediated denuclearization (2)

Can protein folding chemistry be understood by theorists?

Excerpt: The researchers believe their discovery dovetails with their research on how tumor viruses and cancer mutations change a cell’s DNA structure and organization to cause uncontrolled cell growth. Aye group discovers avenue for precision cancer treatment One challenge is that multiple variations, or isoforms, of the same protein can all catalyze the same cellular Can protein folding chemistry be understood by theorists?

Energy-dependent chirality (2)

See Energy-dependent chirality 2013 MicroRNA-based regulation of epithelial–hybrid–mesenchymal fate determination See also E. Ben-Jacob Ben-Jacob et al., have linked everything currently known about natural information processing from natural selection for energy-dependent codon optimality to healthy longevity and from virus-driven energy theft to mutations that cause cancer. See for comparison: LH Tsai Tsai laboratory Our primary Energy-dependent chirality (2)

Neo-Darwinism vs the neocortex

From Fertilization to Adult Sexual Behavior Excerpt: (with my emphasis) Small intranuclear proteins also participate in generating alternative splicing techniques of pre-mRNA and, by this mechanism, contribute to c in at least two species, Drosophila melanogaster and Caenorhabditis elegans…. That similar proteins perform functions in humans suggests the possibility that some human sex differences may Neo-Darwinism vs the neocortex