Jordan Peterson

Food energy-as-information, and consciousness

Informational Mode of the Brain Operation and Consciousness as an Informational Related System (6/7/19) Conclusion: consciousness could be fully described and understood in informational terms. In the same issue, the food that organisms eat is linked to human consciousness via natural selection for energy-dependent codon optimality. Codon optimality biophysically constrains viral latency via the physiology Food energy-as-information, and consciousness

10,000 reasons to believe in biophysical constraints (2)

If you are going to #SFN2018 #SFN, you may need an update on what is known to all serious scientists. For example, compared to theorists, serious scientists know how ecological variation must link food odors and pheromones from jumping genes and transposons in bacteria to biophysically constrained ecological adaptations in vertebrates. In all vertebrates with 10,000 reasons to believe in biophysical constraints (2)