Kevin Folta

The tipping point (revisited): Genetic literacy

The Genetic Literacy Project is an organization that describes itself as dedicated to promoting public awareness and discussion of genetics, biotechnology, evolution and science literacy. It was founded by Jon Entine, a science writer and consultant who serves as its executive director. Evolution? What, besides disease, evolves in the context of genetic literacy? See for The tipping point (revisited): Genetic literacy

The tipping point (revisited): 86,000 publications

“Darwin had a huge data set and no mechanism—where would he publish today? This is a problem!” — Arturo Casadevall Darwin’s light-activated “conditions of life” are microRNA-mediated. The mechanisms have been exquisitely detailed n ~86,000 indexed publications. Light-activated microRNA biogenesis in plants links the sudden appearance of flowering plants from his “abominable mystery” to the genesis The tipping point (revisited): 86,000 publications

The tipping point (revisited): miRNA-eQTLs

Summary: Food odors and pheromones link the light-activated assembly of the microRNA-RNA-peptide nanocomplex to the physiology of reproduction and healthy longevity via microRNA regulated gene expression unless the virus-driven degradation of messenger RNA links mutations to pathology. Sex-Interacting mRNA- and miRNA-eQTLs and Their Implications in Gene Expression Regulation and Disease (4/27/19) …gene expression…has been shown The tipping point (revisited): miRNA-eQTLs