Lewis Thomas

Preprints obfuscate facts (1)

How many preprints should be published? If someone posts something crazy like vaccines cause autism, I don’t think respectable news outlets will cover it without first discussing the preprint with experts. The light-activated assembly of the microRNA-RNA-peptide nanocomplex and the cure for all cancer was reported by researchers from Israel and discussion by so-called experts followed: See: A cure for cancer? Israeli scientists say they think they found one 1/28/19 The company is now writing patents on specific peptides, which…

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Ecological genomics: teleophobes respond (too late)

Forecasting Ecological Genomics: High-Tech Animal Instrumentation Meets High-Throughput Sequencing Conclusion: Twenty years ago, an essay about sequencing genomes and remotely tracking animals across the globe in real time would have been the subject of science fiction. In 2015, there are over 50,000 animals being tracked [12], and single research groups now sequence dozens, up to hundreds, of individual genomes [17,82]. By embracing new technology and integrating these data streams into an ecological genomic framework (Fig 1), we are now poised…

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Mystery machine vs medical intelligence

There’s a Mystery Machine That Sculpts the Human Genome Excerpt 1) This is an important milestone in understanding the three dimensional structure of chromosomes, but like most great papers, it raises more questions than it provides answers… My comment: That claim is common among researchers who need to keep being funded. Excerpt 2) “There’s a growing appreciation that some diseases are related to how the genome is oriented rather than just a mutation,” adds Rao. “This is a little speculative,…

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Behavior (4): All responses are RNA-mediated in birds

Bird Genomes Abound Scientists complete the largest-ever comparative genomic study of birds. By Ruth Williams | December 11, 2014 Excerpt: “The results of this effort provide not only the most precise genetic history of birds to date, but also reveal why avian genomes tend to be small compared to those of other vertebrates: because they have lost a lot of genes and have far fewer repeat sequences. Furthermore, the data show that, compared with mammals, both the nucleotide sequences and…

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