Polymathy changes society (1)

Is X-FILES relevant now… Did X-FILES predict the future? 6/9/22 (video) Science fiction author Greg Bear linked gene editing technology to the laboratory-based creation of a novel virus in his 2006 review published as “Quantico.” His claims about the existential threat were turned into a comedy routine by Jon Stewart. 6/1/07 (video) Former President Trump Polymathy changes society (1)

Biological Function of Autophagy (2)

“How often do we still hear that quantum effects can have little relevance in the study of biology, or even that we eat food in order to gain energy?” (Roger Penrose 8 August 1991) Moving forward: Autophagy and Energy Metabolism …we review the correlations between autophagy and energy homeostasis in terms of oxidative phosphorylation, reactive Biological Function of Autophagy (2)

Biological Function of Autophagy (1)

Autophagy is oxygen-dependent. Oxidative phosphorylation links the Creation of sunlight and water to the ATP-dependent creation of RNA and to biophysically constrained RNA interference, which protects organized genomes from the virus-driven degradation of messenger RNA. Hypoxia causes the virus-driven degradation of messenger RNA. See: Dependence of RNA synthesis in isolated thymus nuclei on glycolysis, oxidative Biological Function of Autophagy (1)

MicroRNAs biophysically constrain Virus-driven pathology (5)

The screenshot (above) links 7+ years of Jon Lieff’s pseudoscientific nonsense about millions of years of evolution to accurate representations of energy-dependent biophysically constrained microRNA-mediated healthy longevity. See also: #1) Hydrogen atom abstraction (HAA) reactions are cornerstones of chemistry. Various (metallo)enzymes performing the HAA… catalysis evolved in nature… 4/13/18 #2) …our Multiverse Endeavor will never MicroRNAs biophysically constrain Virus-driven pathology (5)

Weaponized health information (8)

In “Quantico,” a genetically modified ‘weaponized’ yeast (i.e., a virus-altered GMO) is used to target a specific religious group. It was designed to make them forget why they were fighting with others of different religious groups.  If an energy-dependent microRNA-mediated design change could link Alzheimer’s to world peace, hate-mongers will not like this information about Weaponized health information (8)

Trashing the 2nd Law

Summary: Autophagy is the antiphage defense strategy. (December 8, 2016) Other definitions no longer apply. See: Experiment shows that arrow of time is a relative concept, not an absolute one Everything that theorists were taught to believe about entropy was probably based on the ridiculous assumption that “…there are no correlations between particles.” Everything known Trashing the 2nd Law

Trump’s appeal to common sense (2)

See: Trump’s appeal to common sense Orphan Gpr182 suppresses ERK-mediated intestinal proliferation during regeneration and adenoma formation To our knowledge, this is the first study to use a genetic mouse model to simultaneously map Gpr182 localization patterns and elucidate novel physiological functions for the negative regulation of intestinal proliferative capacity, especially during regeneration and adenoma Trump’s appeal to common sense (2)

Autophagy is the antiphage defense strategy

The “Antiphage Defense Strategy” in Vibrio anguillarum is called autophagy by many serious scientists. It links nutrient energy-dependent pheromone-controlled quorum sensing to viral latency, healthy longevity, symbiosis, reproduction, and biodiversity from microbial species to humans. For an evolutionary approach to energy-dependent autophagy that fails to address any aspect of how virus-driven energy theft causes all Autophagy is the antiphage defense strategy

Base pairs, olfaction and RNA thermometers

RNA thermometer controls temperature-dependent virulence factor expression in Vibrio cholerae (2014) Excerpt: The stem-loop can be stabilized by strengthening the base pairing between the fourU element and SD sequence through the substitution of G-C base pairs, and this results in an elevated melting temperature (10). Conclusion: RNA thermometers represent a simple yet elegant mechanism for Base pairs, olfaction and RNA thermometers