loss of kinase function

Antithetical conclusions (5)

Something is antithetical when it is in complete and utter opposition to the character of something. For example, see: Small population size? It doesn’t have to mean that species can’t adapt to environmental change. A new study shows that small populations of species can still adapt and respond to natural selection. Natural selection for energy-dependent codon usage in the context of the physiology of reproduction is the only way known to serious scientists for a species to ecologically adapt. Theorists…

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Antithetical conclusions (6)

Biochemical and Structural Insights into Doublecortin-like Kinase Domain 1 (Subscription required) Abstract excerpt: This structure also allowed for the mapping of cancer-causing mutations within the kinase domain, suggesting that a loss of kinase function may contribute to tumorigenesis. Continued See: Antithetical conclusions (5, 4, 3, 2) In the same issue of this journal, see: A Second RNA-Binding Site in the NS1 Protein of Influenza B Virus (Subscription required) Abstract excerpt: We demonstrate that single-site alanine replacements of basic residues in…

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