magic traits

God’s protection from SARS COV-2 and other viruses (2)

Is the mask-wearing and social distancing pseudoscientific nonsense based on inefficiency, incompetency or the intent to take away the individual liberties of patriots and others in the USA? See the Research Topic Ecological Change as A Driver for Evolution of Animal Influenza Viruses: Genetic variation, Adaptation, Cross-species transmission, and Host Immunity The first article of this Research Topic linked natural selection for energy-dependent codon optimality from the physiology of reproduction to healthy longevity across kingdoms via Bazzini (2019). Genome-Wide Study…

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Hard Science vs the neo-Darwinian “magic box”

Summary: Identical nucleotide sequences link energy-dependent changes in binding sites to different amino acids in different proteins. The binding sites are conserved in the orthologous mammalian genes. The in vivo structure of biological membranes and evidence for lipid domains Scientists investigate how the sense of smell works in bacteria Biogenic non-crystalline U(IV) revealed as major component in uranium ore deposits As presciently predicted in the works of Richard Feynman and Bruce McEwen, bacteria feed on something that allows them to…

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