Energy-dependent biodiversity

A general alkyl-alkyl cross-coupling enabled by redox-active esters and alkylzinc reagents Abstract excerpt: …the same activating principles used for decades to make simple C–N (amide) bonds from carboxylic acids with loss of water can be used to make C–C bonds… Conclusion: The ready availability of numerous carboxylic acids (which are easily converted to esters) contributes Energy-dependent biodiversity

Eibi Nevo gets it wrong

Eibi Nevo: Evolution, Let’s Get It Right, It’s the “Basis of Everything” Excerpt: “The best we can know about origin of life may be from viruses we are looking at. They could have been at the origin of life before they parasitized it, or became symbionts in prokaryotes and eukaryotes. . . .” My comment: Eibi Nevo gets it wrong

Becoming biologically informed

RNA-mediated pathogenic mechanisms in polyglutamine diseases and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis Abstract excerpt: In this article, we describe various common RNA toxicity pathways, namely epigenetic gene silencing, nucleolar stress, nucleocytoplasmic transport, bi-directional gene transcription, repeat-associated non-ATG translation, RNA foci formation and cellular protein sequestration. Journal article conclusion: Although protein toxicity was considered to play a major Becoming biologically informed

Bees and primates automagically evolve

The Evolution of Social Bees Excerpt: …one key feature of increased sociality is an elaboration of gene regulation capacity. See also: From Fertilization to Adult Sexual Behavior (1996) Excerpt: …odor perception is more akin to the immune system workings where multitudes of receptors are each uniquely responsive to chemical structures (Bartoshuk and Beauchamp, 1994; Buck Bees and primates automagically evolve

Jumping back: Science or Pseudoscience? (2)

See: Jumping back: Science or Pseudoscience? European Science’s Great Leap Backward inferred that evolutionary theory is evidence-based science: Excerpt: “… the U.S. can claim no superiority in our approach to evidence-based science, as demonstrated by the fact that nearly half of the country rejects the “theory” of evolution…” This article attests to the need to Jumping back: Science or Pseudoscience? (2)