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Quantum initiation of cold chemistry vs Hypeology (2)

See first: Quantum initiation of cold chemistry vs Hypeology (1) Genotype Genotype is a betting and manipulation game about cross-breeding pea plants, as in Gregor Mendel’s famous experiments. Players compete over three generations to predict the traits of new offspring, by controlling the parent plants’ genetic makeup (“genotype”). The offspring are determined by a die-roll at the end of each round and become the starting parents for the next generation. Changing the parent genotypes dramatically alters the likelihood of the…

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An evolutionary theory killer

Quantum initiation of cold chemistry vs Hypeology (1)

Cold chemistry with two atoms Summary For centuries, chemists have written equations representing chemical reactions by using symbols for atoms and molecules; for example, 2H2O + 2Na → 2NaOH + H2. This short notation shows only four reacting particles, but even in a classroom demonstration where a small piece of sodium is dropped in water, the total number of reactants will be on the order of Avogadro’s number (∼6 × 1023). On page 900 of this issue, Liu et al.…

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Epigenetically effected energy-dependent fluorescence

See also: Energy-dependent natural florescence and bioluminescence Membrane vesicles in sea water: heterogeneous DNA content and implications for viral abundance estimates Published online November 8, 2016, which was day two of a conference held in an attempt to revise neo-Darwinian pseudoscientific nonsense, and also the second day that this block site was disabled. Abstract excerpt: “…DNA is packaged heterogeneously within vesicle populations, and it appears that vesicles are likely to be a minor component of SYBR-visible particles in natural sea…

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Molecular Microbial Ecology

Second Genome Solutions Excerpt: Todd DeSantis is Second Genome Co-founder and Senior Director of Bioinformatics. Todd has 17 years of experience designing and implementing bioinformatics solutions for analyzing microbial community dynamics. At Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory he led the development of novel microbiome assays and analysis pipelines as a Molecular Microbial Ecology Software Developer. He is the chief architect of Greengenes™, an international effort to catalog global microbial diversity that provides microbial ecologists with reference databases for DNA quality assessment,…

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