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Nutrient-dependent trophic analogs

Adaptive Resistance in Bacteria Requires Epigenetic Inheritance, Genetic Noise, and Cost of Efflux Pumps Excerpt: Our results identify the molecular mechanism of epigenetic inheritance as the main target for therapeutic treatments against the emergence of adaptive resistance. Finally, our theoretical framework unifies known and newly identified determinants… Conclusion: Our model provides an explanation for the emergence of adaptive resistance based on the cost and benefit of the biological characteristics of an efflux pump system. It does not only predict the…

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A “new” code enables ecological adaptation

Distinct E-cadherin-based complexes regulate cell behaviour through miRNA processing or Src and p120 catenin activity Reported as: Discovery of new code makes reprogramming of cancer cells possible Excerpt: …an unexpected new biology that provides the code, the software for turning off cancer,” says the study’s senior investigator, Panos Anastasiadis, Ph.D., chair of the Department of Cancer Biology on Mayo Clinic’s Florida campus. That code was unraveled by the discovery that adhesion proteins — the glue that keeps cells together —…

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