Enzyme-constrained interethnic biodiversity (3)

Excerpt: Understanding a “correlational mechanism” is like understanding mutation-driven evolution. You have a mutation. You have evolution. Thus, you understand the simple-minded magic of the correlation. No energy-dependent molecular mechanisms are required. For comparison: Enzyme-constrained interethnic biodiversity is exemplified in Amish populations in the United States of America. Obviously, interethnic difference in genes matter. See: Low cancer incidence rates in Ohio Amish (2009) Why Don’t The Amish Get Cancer? (2016) See also: A null mutation in SERPINE1 protects against biological…

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Energy-dependent chirality (2)

See Energy-dependent chirality 2013 MicroRNA-based regulation of epithelial–hybrid–mesenchymal fate determination See also E. Ben-Jacob Ben-Jacob et al., have linked everything currently known about natural information processing from natural selection for energy-dependent codon optimality to healthy longevity and from virus-driven energy theft to mutations that cause cancer. See for comparison: LH Tsai Tsai laboratory Our primary goal is to elucidate the mechanisms underlying neurological disorders affecting learning & memory. The major research areas include age disorders, autism, and Alzheimer’s disease. 2012…

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Energy-dependent purifying selection / autophagy

This is a multi-part series. See also: Energy-dependent purifying selection / autophagy (2-6) Pain from Cells that Are Not Neurons Introduction: Recent research on pain shows a very surprising result. A new type of neuroplasticity has been discovered… My comment: It’s discovery does not make it a new type of neuroplasticity. Discoveries like this attest only to the ignorance of theorists who have never considered the role that virus-driven energy theft plays in all pathology. Excerpt 1) Injuries produce ATP…

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