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microRNA-mediated replication timing (4)

See first: microRNA-mediated replication timing (1) 6/17/21 microRNA-mediated replication timing (2) 6/27/21 microRNA-mediated replication timing (3) 6/29/21 Non-B DNA: a major contributor to small- and large-scale variation in nucleotide substitution frequencies across the genome 1/15/21 was reported on 6/29/21 as Study provides first genome-wide evidence for functional importance of unusual DNA structures Some regions of the human genome where the DNA can fold into unusual three-dimensional structures called c (G4s) show signs that they are preserved by natural selection. The…

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microRNA-mediated replication timing (3)

miRNAs; a novel strategy for the treatment of COVID-19 6/28/21 Several previous studies have shown that host miRNAs play an anti-viral role and improve the treatment of patients with COVID-19. miRNAs by binding to the 3′-UTR or 5′-UTR of viral RNA play an important role in COVID-19-host interplay and viral replication. That fact makes it easier to convict Facebook of crimes against humanity because their censors prevent me from including links to, and to which expose the scientific…

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