natural fluorescence

The futility of The Battlefield FB group

Apparently, Paul Hartley blocked me from further discussion of his OP about dinosaurs and gladiators before I could ask if he thought “The Battlefield” is a “false flag” group. Does anyone else think that?   If so, do you think it can survive publication of experimental evidence that links responsive supramolecular systems to stepwise changes in the assembly of metal complexes via induction of a light-driven rotary motor scaffold akin to the bacterial flagellum of P. fluorescens? See: Dynamic control…

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Energy-dependent fluorescence in supercoiled DNA

A slide was posted by Larry Kisner Sr. to “The Battlefield” group with comments that may or may not be his. He refused to provide a source for the slide until after I had been banned from the closed group. He claimed it came from one of Mark Armitage’s powerpoint slides. Mark Armitage did not respond to my request for the slide. Excerpt from the caption: “The auto-fluorescence property of these cells indicates they have not yet fossilized. My question:…

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