Expunging the distinguished public

Royal Society Expunges Public From Evo Record Many of the attendee-participants were, in fact, more distinguished than many of the actual speakers. So the audience came to be heard as well as to listen. But the official recording (now posted) has been wiped clean of public comment — the most robust part of the meeting Expunging the distinguished public

Coulombic interactions facilitate polycombic adaptation

RNA Structural Modules Control the Rate and Pathway of RNA Folding and Assembly Summary: Everything known to serious scientists about energy-dependent biophysically constrained RNA-mediated protein folding chemistry is attributed to “Nature” and evolution with no consideration for where the energy came from or where it goes when viruses use it for their replication. See also: Coulombic interactions facilitate polycombic adaptation

Plant microRNAs slow virus-driven aging

Six plant extracts delay yeast chronological aging through different signaling pathways The evolutionarily conserved nutrient-sensing signaling pathways that accelerate chronological aging in yeast (Figure 9) are known to stimulate chronological senescence and geroconversion of post-mitotic human cells; these pathways are likely to expedite organismal aging and cancer development in humans [87-93]. There is no experimental Plant microRNAs slow virus-driven aging

Did “Nature” kill Steve Jobs?

See also: Energy-dependent RNA methylation (7) How cancer was created by evolution (revisited) Excerpt: Cell division in our bodies is very heavily controlled. For instance, when you were first growing your hands, some cells went through “cell suicide” – a process called apoptosis – to carve out the spaces between your fingers. My comment: Cell Did “Nature” kill Steve Jobs?

MicroRNAs and sexual orientation

A neural circuit encoding sexual preference in humans Excerpt: We anticipate the identification of a core neural circuit for sexual preferences to be a starting point for further sophisticated investigations into the neural principles of sexual behavior and particularly of its aberrations. My comment: They link sexual orientation in yeasts to humans but fail to MicroRNAs and sexual orientation

Virus-driven disorder prevention and health promotion

The dynamic epigenome and its implications for behavioral interventions: a role for epigenetics to inform disorder prevention and health promotion Excerpt: Evidence has also been growing about the role of epigenetic modification in response to the social environment. My comment: Unexpectedly, Szyf et al., (2016) fail to mention all the evidence of epigenetically-effected RNA-mediated cause Virus-driven disorder prevention and health promotion

MicroRNA controlled growth and brain development

Navigable networks as Nash equilibria of navigation games Nature Communications | Article  Open Excerpt: Here we show that the ideal maximally navigable networks do share some basic structural properties with the Internet, E.coli metabolic network, English word network, US airport network, the Hungarian road network and a structural network of the human brain. Reported as: MicroRNA controlled growth and brain development

The anti-entropic force of "Nature"

Exploring the Epigenome A National Institutes of Health-funded consortium publishes 111 reference maps of DNA and histone marks. By Jenny Rood | February 18, 2015 Excerpt:  “All our cells have a copy of the same book, but they’re all reading different chapters, bookmarking different pages, and highlighting different paragraphs and words.” These chemical bookmarks, such The anti-entropic force of "Nature"