nitrogen regulation system

Creating biophysically constrained viral latency (1)

When a theorist or so-called science journalist claims that not enough is known about how quantum physics must be linked from energy-dependent top-down causation to quantum chemistry or how energy-dependent bottom-up quantum chemistry is linked to biophysically constrained viral latency, ask if they have seen this. Eight Kinetically Stable but Thermodynamically Activated Molecules that Power Cell Metabolism Caption: Contemporary analyses of cell metabolism have called out three metabolites: ATP, NADH, and acetyl-CoA, as sentinel molecules whose accumulation represent much of…

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Quantized energy-dependent viral trophism (2)

See first: Quantized energy-dependent viral trophism Summary of Quantized energy-dependent viral trophism (2) WTH*? The species evolved to F*- itself? (H*eck) (*Fertilize) Rapid genome shrinkage in a self-fertile nematode reveals sperm competition proteins Science  05 Jan 2018 …we compared chromosome-scale assemblies of the outcrossing nematode Caenorhabditis nigoni to its self-fertile sibling species… The chromosome-scale assemblies extend across species to the fact that a difference in the diet of P. pacificus links its pheromone-controlled physiology of reproduction from C. elegans to…

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For God and Country

Kinetically Stable Thermodynamically Activated Cell Metabolism (5)

Summary: Remember, the kinetically stable thermodynamic biocatalytic cascade for optical detection of three amino acids used two detection pathways that linked a measurement of UV light and NADH at 340 nm to the conversion of NADH to a visible color, which was observable at 580 nm. That fact refutes all claims about the evolution of amino acids, the evolution of proteins, and the evolution of any species. The light energy-dependent RNA-mediated amino acid substitutions are biophysically constrained by the physiology…

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