The bioweapons cartel (4)

From The bioweapons (3) If you have not linked Transcriptional regulation and post-translational modifications in the glycolytic pathway for targeted cancer therapy 4/15/24 to constraints on all virus-driven pathology across kingdoms, see SARS-CoV-2 spike S2 subunit inhibits p53 activation of p21(WAF1), TRAIL Death Receptor DR5 and MDM2 proteins in cancer cells 4/15/24 Moving forward: Expression The bioweapons cartel (4)

miRNA-mediated predictions (8)

See first: miRNA-mediated predictions (7) “For a historical perspective on naturally attenuated LH-dependent viral latency, see The Scent of Eros: Mysteries of Odor in Human Sexuality (1995/2002) and compare it to the pseudoscientific nonsense of neo-Darwinian theories in The Book of Animal Secrets 12/5/23.” New Year’s Day would not be complete without experimental evidence that miRNA-mediated predictions (8)

Minimal level of conflict (6)

See first: Minimal level of conflict (5) “…miR482f and miR482c-5p can promote an anti-inflammatory gene expression profile in human macrophages in vitro and their bioavailability in humans can be achieved through diet, but eventually restricted at the gut level.” The publication history of Carlo M. Croce, and publications from all other intelligent serious scientists, attest Minimal level of conflict (6)

Total recall 6000 years (7)

Carlo M. Croce’s claims in link next generation sequencing (NGS) myeloid panels to effective treatment of virus-driven cancers and other virus-driven pathology via ongoing refutations of theories touted by Big Bang cosmologists and neo-Darwinian theorists. See: Understanding the role of miRNAs in disease10/24/23 “Micro-RNAs (miRNAs)–small single-stranded, non-coding RNA molecules that regulate gene expression–were first discovered Total recall 6000 years (7)

Censorship of perception (7)

Re: Katalin Karikó and Drew Weissman, Penn’s Historic mRNA Vaccine Research Team, Win 2023 Nobel Prize in Medicine 10/2/23 This exemplifies an extension of The politics of epigenetics ( 11/12/21) to members of the Nobel Prize Committee. For two years in a row this Prize was awarded to people who failed to link light-activated carbon Censorship of perception (7)

Patenting the sun (3)

Cellulose Doesn’t Just Happen 5/31/23 reports the facts from Cellulose synthesis across kingdoms 4/10/23, which were linked to refutations of all moronic theories via The Science Behind “Celluose” for ages 14+ (two years ago). David Coppedge regurgitates the facts in an attempt to promote moronic theories about Intelligent Design that were never linked to facts Patenting the sun (3)

The tipping point (revisited): 151K

On 11/27/22, I tweeted: If you are a #cancer researcher and one of my followers who refuses to “like” or to comment on the facts I have detailed about light-activated biophysical #constraints on miRNA-mediated cell type differentiation, I will cull you from my list and leave you in the dark, forever. The tweet made 924 The tipping point (revisited): 151K

Pheromone-regulated genetic processes (7)

Association of War Zone–Related Stress With Alterations in Limbic Gray Matter Microstructure 9/16/22 was reported as War-zone related stress may lead to changes in the microstructure of the brain 9/20/22. Deciphering multi-way interactions in the human genome 9/20/22 was reported as 9/20/22 Mathematics enable scientists to understand organization within a cell’s nucleus. If you’ve followed Pheromone-regulated genetic processes (7)

The physics of existence (6)

“Critical limits define boundaries of life-threatening values of laboratory test results.” They are not based on theories. They are based on real-life examples of life for comparison to virus-driven death across kingdoms. Table of Critical Limits (link opens .pdf) The table links God’s Creation of sunlight and humidity from light-activated carbon fixation in cyanobacteria to The physics of existence (6)