The tipping point (revisited): 151K

On 11/27/22, I tweeted: If you are a #cancer researcher and one of my followers who refuses to “like” or to comment on the facts I have detailed about light-activated biophysical #constraints on miRNA-mediated cell type differentiation, I will cull you from my list and leave you in the dark, forever. The tweet made 924 The tipping point (revisited): 151K

Pheromone-regulated genetic processes (7)

Association of War Zone–Related Stress With Alterations in Limbic Gray Matter Microstructure 9/16/22 was reported as War-zone related stress may lead to changes in the microstructure of the brain 9/20/22. Deciphering multi-way interactions in the human genome 9/20/22 was reported as 9/20/22 Mathematics enable scientists to understand organization within a cell’s nucleus. If you’ve followed Pheromone-regulated genetic processes (7)

The physics of existence (6)

“Critical limits define boundaries of life-threatening values of laboratory test results.” They are not based on theories. They are based on real-life examples of life for comparison to virus-driven death across kingdoms. Table of Critical Limits (link opens .pdf) The table links God’s Creation of sunlight and humidity from light-activated carbon fixation in cyanobacteria to The physics of existence (6)

Biophotonically charged life (5)

Re: “Our records show that you already pre-ordered The Mind of a Bee. This title will be available in your Audible Library on July 26, 2022.” The “#1 New Release in Emotional Mental Health” (7/26/22) by Lars Chittka links my 2013 model of RNA-mediated biophysically constrained viral latency from former President Trump’s 4/23/20 claim that Biophotonically charged life (5)

Epistemic corruption (8)

What don’t you believe about these facts from 1910? I posted this video to Facebook one year ago, after a trip across the United States, which I chronicled in a series of other videos. Since then, “Cellulose” has linked fixation of amino acid substitutions to construction of the cell wall and microRNA-mediated protein folding chemistry Epistemic corruption (8)

CDC’s ignorance: from roots to shoots (3)

Plenty of Room at the Bottom

Longtime AIDS researcher Robert Redfield picked to lead CDC 3/21/18 In the early days of the AIDS crisis, Dr Redfield…[failed to learn about biophysically constrained] …active HIV replication in all stages of HIV infection. All viral replication is energy-dependent and microRNA-mediated. Without realizing it, the director of the CDC linked food energy-dependent pheromone-controlled fixation of CDC’s ignorance: from roots to shoots (3)

microRNA-mediated sex differences (1)

For recent support of our claims from 23 years ago, see: Sexual dimorphism of miRNA signatures in feto-placental endothelial cells is associated with altered barrier function and actin organisation (Dec 2019) We used our well established model of fetal endothelial cells isolated from placenta (fpEC) and analysed sexual dimorphic miRNA expression and potentially affected biological microRNA-mediated sex differences (1)

Quantum initiation of cold chemistry vs Hypeology (3)

See: Quantum initiation of cold chemistry vs Hypeology (2) Facts about the quantized energy-dependent creation of reverse transcriptase, an enzyme that converts a sequence in an RNA molecule into a sequence in a DNA molecule, have been placed into the context of social organization. Social organization: The thermodynamic basis The objective of this work is Quantum initiation of cold chemistry vs Hypeology (3)

The eternal significance of microRNAs (7)

Sales of human pheromone-enhanced fragrance products have been virtually eliminated by the pseudoscientific nonsense touted by neo-Darwinian theorists and Big Bang cosmologists. I may revisit their ridiculous claims at and, but prefer to continue moving forward via my other domains: and Summary: 2018 Update: Sympatric speciation has been linked to species The eternal significance of microRNAs (7)

The eternal significance of microRNAs (1)

Common Allele Linked to Sugar Consumption Leads to Lower Body Fat, Higher Blood Pressure One energy-dependent change in a base pair is linked from the FGF21 rs838133 variant to microRNA-mediated changes in morphology and behavior. The quantized energy as information link from microRNAs to morphology and behavior is common to my mouse-to-human model of sympatric speciation. The eternal significance of microRNAs (1)