one-carbon metabolism

God vs host-derived creation of virus-driven pathology

Summary: The virus-driven theft of quantized energy forces cells to compete for nutrient energy-dependent RNA-mediated reprogramming in the context of the structure of photons, one-carbon metabolism, autophagy, and the physiology of reproduction, which links energy-dependent changes in chirality from base pairs to RNA-mediated amino acid substitutions. Host-derived viral transporter protein for nitrogen uptake in infected marine phytoplankton (with my emphasis) Viruses often carry genes acquired from their host. In the present work, we show that a virus of a marine…

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Mitochondria do not adapt

Mitochondria Help Cancers Grow Mitochondria adapt by producing cycles whereby electrons are removed from carbon at a greater rate as food is oxidized to make molecules for the cancers. Mitochondria do not ‘produce’ the ‘cycles’ that link ‘food’ from one carbon metabolism to healthy longevity. Mitochondria do not ‘adapt.’ The food enables thermodynamic cycles of nutrient energy-dependent protein biosynthesis and degradation. Jon Lieff’s “doublespeak” obscures, disguises, distorts, or reverses the meaning of words. See also his section about: Altering Amino…

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Q and A: Energy-dependent cell type differentiation

Richard Lenski and other theorists will not discuss the amount of pseudoscientific nonsense they have included in their ridiculous claims. Rarely does anyone else attempt to unravel their claims in the context of the reports I will cite below, or in other reports that refute ridiculous neo-Darwinian theories. Recently, however, Greg Thurston made an honorable effort to learn about energy-dependent biophysically constrained cause and effect via a series of questions that could be answered with minimal jargon. Q and A…

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