P. Pacificus

The “walking fish” walks straight from quantum physics to quantum souls (2)

Summary: Cell fate conversion is food energy-dependent and pheromone-controlled in the context of the physiology of reproduction and autophagy, which links biophysically constrained viral latency to the differences in C. elegans and P. pacificus, a predatory nematode with teeth. Application of RNAi and Heat-shock-induced Transcription Factor Expression to Reprogram Germ Cells to Neurons in C. elegans 1/01/2018 Summary This protocol describes how to study cellular processes during cell fate conversion in Caenorhabditis elegans in vivo. Using transgenic animals,allowing heat-shock promoter-driven overexpression of…

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For God and Country

Life and death via chemical effects on photosynthesis

Summay: “…chemosignals are a promising approach both to modeling posttraumatic stress disorders in humans [36] and to searching for mehods of their treatment.” Serious scientists linked the sense of smell in bacteria from the physiology of pheromone-controlled reproduction in all living genera to our visual perception of energy and mass in the context of the space time continuum. The fact that food odors and pheromones biophysically constrain cell type differentiation in mammals was first placed into the context of [Pheromonal…

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Theistic evolutionists fight back and lose

A giant neuron found wrapped around entire mouse brain Yuste and Eberwine would like to see 3D reconstructions of individual neurons compared to analyses of the genes expressed in those neurons. This may offer clues as to the type and function of each cell. The nutrient energy-dependent structure and function of all cell types in all living genera links biodiversity from the physiology of pheromone-controlled reproduction in C. elegans to the predatory behavior of P. pacificus, a predatory nematode with…

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Energy is information. Objections over ruled. You’re fired!

Objection: In the law of the United States of America, an objection is a formal protest raised in court during a trial to disallow a witness’s testimony or other evidence which would be in violation of the rules of evidence or other procedural law. Americanism (ideology) links the laws of United States of America to God’s “Laws of Biology.”  Pseudoscientists violated the rules of evidence that link Darwin’s “conditions of life” from God’s “Laws of Biology” to all nutrient energy-dependent…

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New technique used in report of atomic-level ecological adaptations

Archaerhodopsin variants with enhanced voltage-sensitive fluorescence in mammalian and Caenorhabditis elegans neurons Directed evolution of a far-red fluorescent rhodopsin reported as: New technique uses a genetic tool and light to view and map neuronal circuits Excerpt 1): “This [directed evolution] experiment demonstrates how rapidly these remarkable bacterial proteins can evolve in response to new demands. But even more exciting is what they can do in neurons, as Viviana discovered,” says Arnold. Excerpt 2): After incorporating Archer1 into neurons that were…

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RNA-mediated ecological adaptations of teeth

Counting fish teeth reveals DNA changes behind rapid evolution By Robert Sanders, Media Relations | September 17, 2014 Excerpt: “This is one of the first cases where we find that the rules found for traits lost apply as well to traits gained,” said Miller. My comment: Traits are gained and lost in the context of nutrient-dependent, odor-induced, receptor-mediated, RNA-mediated events that lead to amino acid substitutions that differentiate cell types. The cell type differentiation must be manifested in morphological and…

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