pheromone-controlled reproduction

Displays of ecological adaptation (2)

On 9/12/16 Philip Qua wrote I have not verified that all of his papers are peer review, but I do believe that some of them are. It is going to take some time and reading of James Kohl papers before I am even willing to venture whether they have merit or not. But on a first glance basis, what I think James is positing here is the causal-effect that drives evolution is more an energy based availability than a random…

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The sum of our RNA-mediated parts

The Sum of Our Parts Excerpt: …it is the microbiome that determines our actual exposure to the environment. Substances such as foods, drugs, and environmental chemicals—collectively termed xenobiotics—must first pass through the layers of microbiota on the skin, in the gut, and in the airways where, depending upon the microbes present, the chemicals will be sequestered, excluded, or metabolized before they ever enter our cells. Excerpt: Microbiome-driven immunomodulation occurs via cell surface receptor signaling—involving Toll-like and NOD-like (nucleotide-binding oligomerization domain)…

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