Why Trump won’t meet with some 2017 Nobel Laureates

Excerpt: Others have seen the latest experimental evidence on biophysically constrained energy storage coming, but they have remained relatively silent. This is a deliberate attempt to increase the number of my tweet impressions to more than 80K since Christmas eve, during the same month that ~1000 more articles on microRNA-mediated energy storage were added to the PubMed database. On June 24, 2017,  I joked about the claims of science journalist Philip Ball. His pseudoscientific nonsense about quantum common sensee led to…

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Eutrophication and phosphorylated biodiversity

In Chinese philosophy, yin and yang (also yin–yang or yin yang, 陰陽 yīnyáng “dark–bright”) describe how seemingly opposite or contrary forces may actually be complementary, interconnected, and interdependent in the natural world, and how they may give rise to each other as they interrelate to one another. Last night I dreamed that someone added color to this symbol and represented it as a spinning disk (in a publication from the Nature publishing group).  The specifics of the dream helped me…

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Alternative splicing: a new therapy?

Summary: All cell type differences in all individuals of all living genera have since been linked from energy-dependent changes in the microRNA/messenger RNA balance to healthy longevity, or from the virus-driven degradation of messenger RNA to all pathology via the activation of genes or via the loss of genes, which is determined by the alternative splicings. New therapy rejuvenates old cells in the lab, which now behave like young cells Splicing factors are crucial proteins that help gene perform their…

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Energy as information and constrained endogenous RNA interference (4)

Premise: Sunlight is the energy as information that is required to link endogenous RNA interference to healthy longevity Counter claim:  The Quantum Thermodynamics Revolution: Information theory Understanding entropy as a subjective measure allows the universe as a whole to evolve without ever losing information. Precision Medicine virtual conference, Feburary 22-23, 2017 Title: Energy as information and constrained endogenous RNA interference  James V. Kohl Abstract describing the poster   Narrative: The term microRNA has been used in 58,000 indexed…

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Critical values expose virus-driven energy theft (2)

Why Don’t The Amish Get Cancer? …the Amish commitment to simple, productive lives and clean, local food is benefiting their health in ways that the rest of America can only dream about. They exemplify what it means to be an ecologically adapted human population. See also: Past 5,000 years prolific for changes to human genome The facts support the beliefs of young earth creationists. That invites ridicule and denigration of my published works. But the experimental evidence of biologically-based cause and…

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Critical values expose virus-driven energy theft

Critical Values: is ASCP’s quarterly magazine with news and features covering trends of interest to pathologists and laboratory professionals alike. See for example: Attentive Clinical Laboratory Scientist Discovers First Human Case of Borrelia turicatae Critical Values spoke with technologist Dolli Lane, MLT(ASCP)CMCsCM, and the chief of the hematology section, Chris Boyd, MLT(ASCP)CM, about their findings. Their story demonstrates how attention to detail saves lives. Every serious scientist I know is on the verge of linking the creation of the sun’s…

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Did evolution autophosphorylate your kinases? (3)

Did evolution autophosphorylate your kinases? (1) Did evolution autophosphorylate your kinases? (2) See also: N6-Methyladenosine in Flaviviridae Viral RNA Genomes Regulates Infection Reported as: Chemical tags affect ability of RNA viruses to infect cells Dynamics of Human and Viral RNA Methylation during Zika Virus Infection Reported as:  Zika virus infection alters human and viral RNA My comment: Virus-driven hecatombic evolution of all pathology is linked from the failure of energy-dependent phosphorylation to biophysically constrain the RNA-mediated damage to DNA via…

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Hecatombic evolution via oncocers and oncohistones

Mutation-driven evolution is being replaced by a theory of hecatombic evolution that links oncocers and oncohistones to increasing organismal complexity via autophosphorylation and autophagy or something else as yet to be invented in the context of the new ridiculous theory. See for comparison: Polycomb enables primitive endoderm lineage priming in embryonic stem cells Abstract excerpt: We show that altered transcription is the driver of these coordinated changes, known as lineage priming, in a process that exploits novel polycomb activities. What…

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Did evolution autophosphorylate your kinases?

Building blocks of life’s building blocks come from starlight Excerpt 1) …ultraviolet light from stars plays a key role in creating these molecules, rather than “shock” events that create turbulence, as was previously thought. My comment: This is another very important change to their ridiculous theories. The Earth’s sun is the closest source of starlight/sunlight. The speed of light on contact with water links anti-entropic virucidal ultraviolet light from the sun to all nutrient energy-dependent biodiversity via photosynthesis and all…

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Computing via phosphorylation and fixation

Scientists develop atomic-scale hardware to implement natural computing Excerpt 1) …an atomic switch network that is in many ways similar to a brain or other natural or cognitive computing device. Excerpt 2) We plan to move towards a hybrid morphic system using the best of conventional computation with our brain-like device capabilities, and to develop a new form of programming that relies on distributed memory and synaptic networks,” Gimzewski said. My comment: Brain-like device capabilities require a link from entropic…

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