physical landscape of DNA

Energy-dependent physical and biophysical constraints (5)

Summary: Emmy Noethe’s theorems were developed in the early 1900’s. Richard Feynman inadvertently or purposefully alluded to them as examples of human idiocy. Discover Magazine resurrected the examples of human idiocy in a 2017 article. For comparison, Choi et al., (2017) support the claims that intercellular and interkingdom communication is energy-dependent and controlled by the metabolism of food energy to pheromones. It is obvious that pheromones biophysically constrain the virus-driven degradation of messenger RNA. That fact links everything currently known…

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Chromatin: The structure of DNA (3)

See:  Chromatin: The structure of DNA (2) Inherited parental methylation shifts over time, may have functional effects in the brain and other tissues Excerpt: …researchers have theorized that inherited methylation, also referred to as parental imprinting, largely remains stable throughout development, except during two important developmental milestones: after fertilization and during the creation of sperm and egg cells. Altered gene imprinting at other times has been associated with developmental disorders and cancer. My comment: Theorists have historically failed to learn…

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