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The physics of existence (3)

Christians who think they need to prove that photosynthesis did not evolve are among the most biologically uninformed science idiots on Earth. They obviously know nothing about the physics of existence. See: Shining Light on the Evolution of Photosynthesis by Richard Swindell published in Answers in Genesis (2003) …the incredible organization and intricacy evident in The physics of existence (3)

RNA-mediated silencing (4)

Angel Trumpets are extinct in the wild. Daffodils are extremely well adapted. Other organisms and people who are not ecologically adapted suffer unnecessarily and die prematurely from the virus-driven degradation of mRNA. They do not evolve into different species. See first: RNA-mediated silencing (3) Robert H. Singer, co-authored: Single-molecule imaging of microRNA-mediated gene silencing in RNA-mediated silencing (4)

Photonics in Forensics (4)

See first: Photonics in Forensics (3) MicroRNA 3′-compensatory pairing occurs through two binding modes, with affinity shaped by nucleotide identity and position 2/22/22 ….the two 3′-binding modes both appear to be compatible with either of the two gene-regulatory  processes that involve 3′ pairing—TDMD (target-directed miRNA degradation (TDMD) and miRNA-mediated repression. All metabolic disease processes are Photonics in Forensics (4)

microRNA-mediated biodiversity (6)

Tell me if you know a paleontologist or any other stupid theorist who is willing to discuss facts that link “Lessons from microRNA biology: Top key cellular drivers of Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease  to “… better understanding [of] the key processes resulting in pathophysiological changes that underlie disease.” Most theorists, especially paleontologists, seem willing microRNA-mediated biodiversity (6)

Ignoring effects of microRNAs on Twitter (1)

Summary: Those who fail to link food energy to biophysically constrained human endogenous retroviruses via the physiology of pheromone-controlled reproduction in pigs will suffer unnecessarily and die prematurely from the virus-driven degradation of their messenger RNA. Indeed, the biologically uninformed pigs will continue to be led to their slaughter by those who use the Harvard Ignoring effects of microRNAs on Twitter (1)

The tipping point (revisited): 85,000 publications (2)

Adaptive multi-view multi-label learning for identifying disease-associated candidate miRNAs (4/1/19) Increasing evidence has indicated that microRNAs (miRNAs) play vital roles in various pathological processes and thus are closely related with many complex human diseases. The role the light-activated assembly of the microRNA-RNA-peptide nanocomplex plays in linking biophysically constrained viral latency to healthy longevity continues to The tipping point (revisited): 85,000 publications (2)