The eternal significance of microRNAs (5)

Excerpt: Researchers in South Korea, for example, have reminded the God-less Communist dictator of North Korea that one microRNA-mediated amino acid substitution in the influenza B virus could decimate the human populations that he thinks he rules. Conclusion: Conserved energy biophysically constrains viral latency. Ridiculously ignorant objections to my publication in what others claim is a predatory journal can be compared to my objection to publication of this article in PNAS. Environmental selection during the last ice age on the…

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Different physical locations and different molecular mechanisms of health and disease

Reappraisal of known malaria resistance loci in a large multicenter study Abstract excerpt: “The finding that G6PD deficiency has opposing effects on different fatal complications of P. falciparum infection indicates that the evolutionary origins of this common human genetic disorder are more complex than previously supposed.” Reported as: Long term genetic study finds geographical differences in human immune response to malaria Excerpt: “…humans living in different physical locations have evolved different mechanisms for staving off the dreaded disease malaria.” My…

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