proton beam therapy

Public Heath Fascism vs Creationism (3)

KB Whaley’s group published Modern Approaches to Exact Diagonalization and Selected Configuration Interaction with the Adaptive Sampling CI Method on 3/11/20 A mathematical model of a simulation of 34 electrons in 152 orbitals was linked from quantum coherence to coherently organized biology via everything known to intelligent serious scientists about inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, physics, and molecular epigenetics. For a historical perspective see: Molecular Mechanics Simulations and Improved Tight-Binding Hamiltonians for Artificial Light Harvesting Systems: Predicting Geometric Distributions, Disorder, and…

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The assassination of intelligence (1)

Intelligence and security experts skeptical of claims that Iranian nuclear scientist was targeted in ‘remote control’ assassination 11/30/20 Iran claims it has evidence that Israel was behind the assassination of Fakhrizadeh, one of the country’s top nuclear scientists, but it has not presented any of its evidence, and Israel has not claimed responsibility. God’s Creation of hydrogen is the link from nuclear energy to healthy longevity via chemistry and biology. Details of that fact have come from researchers in Iran…

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Protonated RNA interference vs stupid theories (3)

See first: Protonated RNA interference vs stupid theories (2) Summary with hashtags that link my claims from to via Qi Zhang’s group linked God’s Creation of hydrogen and #helioribogenetics from the patent for naturally occurring light-activated #protonated RNA interference to the end of all virus-driven pathology on 10/26/20 Effective cancer treatment with #proton beam therapy is proof that virtually all claims made by theorists have been used in the #gaslighting of the scientifically illiterate mask-wearing masses who…

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