Public health fascists

Natural selection for adaptation (6)

I’ve published 3 letters to the editor of a local newspaper, The News Observer, during the past 3 weeks. If this is published on September 1, it may be the end of several multi-part series on the eternal significance of microRNAs, which has been linked to microRNA-mediated population control 7/23/21-8/13/21. See also: Characterizing microRNA-mediated modulation of gene expression noise and its effect on synthetic gene circuits 8/24/21 The results indicated that during the design of MREs in synthetic gene circuits,…

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Quantum Darwinism (4)

How metformin affects various malignancies by means of microRNAs: a brief review 4/13/21 Metformin adjusts cellular energy metabolism through…an important metabolic sensor that is activated under cellular stress conditions and limits energy consumption by affecting ATP production and consumption [1, 2]. The link from naturally occurring light-activated carbon fixation to God’s ATP-dependent Creation of RNA, protonated RNA interference, and biophysically constrained viral latency became clearer in 1964. Dependence of RNA synthesis in isolated thymus nuclei on glycolysis, oxidative carbohydrate catabolism…

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Racist fascism vs individual liberty (2)

See first: Racist fascism vs individual liberty (1) Public health fascists promote mask-wearing, social distancing, and mRNA vaccines despite the facts that link peptide synthesis at the origin of life to microRNA-mediated regulation of nutrient stress and social stress. See for instance: MicroRNAs: Crucial Regulators of Stress miRNA biogenesis starts with the transcription of miRNA genes by either RNA polymerase II/III into primary miRNA (pri-miRNA) transcripts [12, 13]. Transcription is energy-dependent and God’s Creation of hydrogen is the only known…

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