Food supplement or licensed immunostimulant?

Glucan from Food Supplement to a Licensed Drug   Excerpt: “…β-glucan possesses a significant immunostimulating activity in a wide variety of species, including earthworms, shrimp, fish, chicken, rats, rabbits, guinea pigs, sheep, pigs, cattle, and, last but not least, humans. Based on these results, it has been concluded that β-glucan represents a type of immunostimulanting molecule that is actively spanning full evolutionary spectrum. Some experiments also show that β-glucan can help even in the protection of plants. β-Glucan is therefore…

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Energy dependent RNA-mediated immunity (4)

The Mitochondrial Basis of Aging Excerpt:  …the mutation at amino acid position 257 results in an enzyme that retains normal polymerase function but has impaired proofreading activity. Mice containing one or two copies of this proofreading-deficient POLG accumulate a significant level of mitochondrial mutations, and homozygous knockin mice exhibit an accelerated aging phenotype (Kujoth et al., 2005; Trifunovic et al., 2004). Nonetheless, while this model clearly links mitochondrial mutations to aging, it should be noted that the type and magnitude…

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