RNA interference

Virus-driven downsizing of the human brain (5)

Virus-driven downsizing of the human brain (3) (8/9/16) Virus-driven downsizing of the human brain (4) (4/23/17) Who the heck is James V. Kohl? Thanks for asking. Posted by u/Sphinx_for_hire 3 months ago I’m in biochemistry/toxicology and was reading up on LUCA (aka Last Universal Common Ancestor). While Googling the work of Nick Lane, I stumbled upon the following page absolutely flaying Lane’s and others’ LUCA theories. This guy, James V. Kohl, has many websites in which he writes about human…

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Virus-driven genome engineering causes cancer?

CRISPR–Cas9 genome editing induces a p53-mediated DNA damage response Inhibition of p53 prevents the damage response and increases the rate of homologous recombination… In the 1990’s, Abcam researchers discovered the cell death gene. Now see: Mechanisms of Recombination conference See also: P53 toxicity is a hurdle to CRISPR/CAS9 screening and engineering in human pluripotent stem cells We demonstrated the toxic response is tp53-dependent and the toxic effect of tp53 severely reduces the efficiency of precise genome-engineering in hPSCs. Reported as:…

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The tipping point (revisited): 74,000 publications

President Trump and Kim Jong Un will probably discuss this fact: All serious scientists have learned that quantized energy-dependent microRNA biogenesis links everything known about the creation of sunlight from the physiology of food energy-dependent pheromone-controlled reproduction to viral latency and healthy longevity in the context of the creation of the innate immune system of bacteria. See also: The tipping point (revisited): 73,000 publications May 16, 2018 In less than one month, nearly 1000 publications have been added to the…

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An evolutionary theory killer

ATP and RNA-mediated chromosomal stability

Cytosis, a cell biology game for ages 10+ links ATP to viral latency and the protection of all organized genomes from the virus-driven degradation of messenger RNA that serious scientists have linked to all pathology. It is time for a new measure of cell function: Quantifying Cellular ATP Production Rate…(2018) Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is the most common high energy intermediate of living organisms. Cells utilize the energy derived from the breakdown of cellular fuels to synthesize ATP from ADP and…

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Ecological adaptations vs the randomness of evolution (3)

Summary: Fifty years later, only theorists and other pseudoscientists have failed to recognize the facts that link experimental evidence of differences in the energy of photons to the proton motive force, which links the potential of hydrogen (pH) to biophysically constrained viral latency and all biodiversity on Earth. In that context, Carl Zimmer serves as an important example of human idiocy each time he makes claims about evolution. Serious scientists will meet during Schrödinger at 75 – The Future of…

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The poetry of human genome creation

Former President Bill Clinton (HIllary’s husband) is featured in a form of political propaganda that promotes neo-Darwinian pseudoscientific nonsense in the context of gene-centric theories. See for comparison Energy as information and constrained endogenous RNA interference See: Structural diversity of supercoiled DNA 10/12/15 See also: All About that Base (Meghan Trainor Parody) 12/10/14 (The poetry of human genome creation)

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MicroRNA-mediated denuclearization (4)

Summary: Christ’s lab showed that in vivo formation of I-motif structures is pH dependent and helped to put the “fear of God” into atheistic communists. I-motif DNA structures are formed in the nuclei of human cells (4/23/18) Reported as: In human cells, scientists find DNA that looks like a twisted knot instead of a double helix (4/23/18) Also reported as: New Twisted ‘Knot’ Human DNA Structure Discovered—and It Looks Nothing Like the Double Helix (4/23/18) Christ’s lab showed that in vivo…

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Diet-driven RNA interference and mental health (4)

See: Diet-driven RNA interference and mental health (3) Social transmission and buffering of synaptic changes after stress Transmission from the stressed subject to the naive partner required the activation of PVN CRH neurons in both subject and partner to drive and detect the release of a putative alarm pheromone from the stressed mouse. Reported as: Researchers discover brain cells change following close contact with a stressed individual “There has been other literature that shows stress can be transferred — and…

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Diet-driven RNA interference and mental health (2)

The diet-driven construction of the competing endogenous RNA networks (ceRNA networks) is energy-dependent and biophysically constrained by the pheromone-controlled physiology of reproduction. Viruses compete for the energy, which is how they contribute to the degradation of messenger RNA that all serious scientists have linked to all mental and physical pathology. Cell death is not just seen in the context of autophagy and neural cell death. The pathogens that alter physiology also alter behavior via the conserved molecular mechanisms of energy-dependent…

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Diet-driven RNA interference and cancer prevention (3)

Excerpt: They claim to have found novel autoregulatory feedback loops that link changes in microRNAs to the alternative splicing factors SRSF1 and SRSF2.  Ectopic expression of SRSF1 can automagically repress the level of multiple microRNAs and SRSF2 can automagically upregulate miRNA expression. The fact that a peer-reviewed work published in 2018 links autoregulatory feedback loops to automagically altered gene expression and apoptosis via alternative splicings of pre-mRNAs suggests it is time for all serious scientists to retire. The magic of pseudoscientists has…

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