Energy-dependent biodiversity (3)

Higher Abundance of Bacteria than of Viruses in Deep Mediterranean Sediments Conclusion: Results obtained in this study suggest that the number of viruses in deep-sea sediments might be dependent upon complex interactions with both abiotic factors (such as pressure, physical disturbance, and redox conditions) and biotic factors, including bacterial metabolic state and virus supply from the water column. Further studies are needed to clarify the causes of the low viral density, to estimate the actual impact of viruses on benthic…

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Ricki Lewis’ Time Machine (4)

Variants near CHRNA3/5 and APOE have age- and sex-related effects on human lifespan Excerpt: The signal we observe is driven by rs429358, a non-synonymous Cys112Arg variant, which defines the ε4 allele and which has not previously been shown to be the causal variant influencing lifespan. See also: Gorilla Genome 2.0: Lessons for the Clinic? Excerpt: VARIANTS OF UNCERTAIN SIGNIFICANCE With phrases such as “settled science” and “scientific proof” part of the lexicon, it’s little wonder that health care consumers expect…

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Rs3827760 is Val370Ala and EDARV370A

Introduction: A Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) is a DNA sequence variation in which a single nucleotide — A, T, C or G — in the genome (or other shared sequence) differs between members of a biological species or paired chromosomes. SNPs within a coding sequence do not necessarily change the amino acid sequence of the protein that is produced. Rs3827760 is Val370Ala Excerpt: …Val370Ala, is a SNP in the ectodysplasin A receptor EDAR gene on chromosome 2. The EDAR gene…

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